Organic cotton has not been treated using harsh and weakening chemicals so there are a few things to consider when it comes to washing.

The organic brands stocked by ScandiBugs all offer specific advice for looking after their garments. You'll usually find care instructions on individual brand websites and we also publish recommendations for each brand on our product pages. Of course, don't forget to check the label on each garment before washing!

General Guidance for Washing Organic Cotton:

Wash Before Use

Many organic brands recommend washing on a gentle cycle at 40°C before first use. This helps to set the dyes and improve absorbency of the cotton.

Wash at Low Temperatures

Wash organic cotton at 30°C or according to the manufacturers guidance. Organic cotton can shrink if washed at high temperatures, so lower is almost always best!

Use a Mild Detergent 

It's always best to wash in a mild, non-biological detergent. Harsher detergents can affect the natural dyes used in organic cotton and therefore the overall colour. As a bonus, milder and non-bio detergent is kinder to both yours and your child's skin.

Wash Like Colours Together

Organic cotton garments are manufactured using natural dyes and have not been treated with harsh chemicals to ensure colours "set". It is possible that colours will bleed slightly in the first few washes and for this reason, you should avoid mixing dark and light colours where possible.

Line Dry Where Possible

Although most organic cotton clothes can be tumble dried, we wouldn't recommend it. Drying at a high heat can shrink the garment or affect the fit. Where possible, line dry your organic cotton and if needed, reshape when damp.

Our team is always on hand if you need advice on how to look after your organic cotton clothing. Most importantly though, remember to always refer to the label and manufacturer's guidance for each individual piece of clothing.


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