The buzz that surrounds a new DUNS Sweden drop is like nothing else in the Scandi world. From the moment the brand gives the go-ahead to share "sneak peaks", to the second the drop goes live it's all hands on deck for retailers! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more come alive with excitement about the prints, who's stocking what, will there be bedding, which colour ways look best. These discussions will continue long after drop day has come and gone!

DUNS Midsummer Green Twirly Dress

ScandiBugs is super-proud to be a DUNS stockist. It's a brand we love at home for their bright, floral prints made ethically and always from GOTS certified organic cotton, and we're delighted we now get to share these pieces with you!

Duns Midsummer Purple Twirly Dress

High Summer 2021 is the second DUNS drop at ScandiBugs. We were lucky to squeeze in a small Spring/Summer '21 order to kick things off, but this High Summer collection is our first full-sized order, and it's a big one! We're really pleased to finally offer a great, full choice of different styles and prints.

Duns Midsummer Yellow Twirly Dress

We don't have a date for drop day yet, but you'll hear this first by signing up to our mailing list (link at the bottom of this page), following us on Facebook and joining our Facebook Group: The ScandiBugs Fika Club.




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